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Don't you wish you could rejuvenate your buttocks and give your body profile a sensual and perky outline? This is exactly what the Brazilian butt lift we offer at Boca Butts promises. Our expert cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Del Vecchio, is a renowned butt doctor in the Boynton Beach region who has helped many women gain the youthful, prominent features they've always dreamed of. There are many reasons why you may be interested in a butt lift, including:

  • -Weight loss changing your buttocks' shape
  • -Asymmetrical butt shape
  • -Flat or sagging shape
  • -Disproportionately small buttocks

If you feel like any of these conditions describe the way you feel about your behind, butt augmentation surgery may be for you. All of our butt enhancing surgery options are safe, simple, and reliable, but the Brazilian butt lift is especially popular. This is because it produces spectacular results for a wide range of individuals without relying on artificial materials.

Butt Enhancement Procedures near Boynton Beach to Enhance Your Behind

What we call the Brazilian butt lift in Boynton Beach is in fact called fat grafting in medical terminology. Instead of using artificial silicone implants, this procedure uses liposuction to draw fat from another part of the body and transfers it to the patient's buttocks.

This option generally offers more natural result than silicone implants, which can create a more dramatic butt enhancing swell. In some cases, we may recommend a hybrid approach that involves combining both procedures for the perfect result.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is widely regarded as a specialist within this field for his ability to consistently deliver beautiful results. Buttock augmentation from our practice can help people feel more confident about their bodies by creating sexy, natural-looking curves.

Before And After Butt Enhancement Results:

About Your Butt Enhancement Procedure

Buttock augmentation is performed using one of two general techniques, either through the use of silicone implants or via fat transfer. In some cases, a combination approach may be used to achieve the best results.

When implants are used, they are usually placed higher to give a more rounded look at the top of the buttocks and lower back. This creates a much more dramatic swell between the lower back and the fullness of the bottom.

Our most popular option is to add volume through fat grafting, also known as "The Brazilian Butt Lift." This approach uses liposuction to remove fat cells from a fatty donor area elsewhere on the patient's body. Next, the cells are specially treated and prepared for transferring into the bottom. The addition of live fat cells boosts volume without the need for artificial implants. The results of this technique can be spectacular.

If you're interested in butt enhancement services from Boca Butts and Dr. DelVecchio, contact us today for a FREE consultation and more information! Gain back your confidence once more and get that sexy butt this summer with our services! We proudly serve the greater Boynton Beach area with our services.

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